Fall Fashion 2014 Date Night Look

Firstly, I have to thank Mehr Bhalla & Protima Tiwary for being a part of The Style Chair’s Fall Fashion looks & Thank you all for your amazing response & motivation ❤

Part three of the Fall Fashion 2014 looks by The Style Chair, this one’s called the Date Night look!

The Style Chair has compiled two different Date night looks for the Fall Season 😀

So we have the Elegant look & the Flirtatious look 🙂

Introducing Miss Elegant!

Fall Fashion’s major winner are the Midi Skirts 😀


I had my eyes set on the whole Midi Skirt trend but was wondering how to style them (specially not in the summers or in the mucky monsoons) until I realised Fall is the Perfect season for Midi’s 😀

They are long enough to sufficiently keep the cool breeze away & yet short enough to not look gypsy 😉

I got this Beautiful midi skirt from Busy Bee store here in Pune. (If you are from Pune you just have to visit their store)

So if you are crushing on this whole Feminine yet Elegant (“oh! I’m a Lady not a girl”) Look get your hands on a Midi Skirt Now!

Styling Tip for your midi skirt this Fall is- Team your High waist midi’s with a Crop top & throw on a waist length jacket or long jacket or even a cape 🙂

Lace Race

Nothing spells more elegance than lace.

Just like crochet is to summer, Lace is to Fall/ Winter 🙂

Lace necks or sleeves on a top, lace layered skirts or even lace leggings all are great add on to a Fall Look.

Lace dress from H&M worn as a top.

Put a Ring on it

Please don’t literally put a ring on it already *phew*

Date night means not being OTT with accessories & only accentuating certain assets 🙂

Too many accessories are just going to confuse him right!?!

I decided to let my fingers do the talking 😉 & took the liberty of going a little overboard with my rings as I’m quite comfortable with carrying them off as I teamed them right! Have a look 🙂

Onyx ring from Mango, Dull gold ring from Accessorize & Gold leaf blue Dual finger ring from Aquamarine.

Go Metallic on him 

Like I mentioned in the Fall Fashion Girls Nightout look! Metallics are quite The Thing this season.

Metallic waist belt is what I chose to use for this look & with the bow on it, it’s just love!

Metallic bow belt from 8teenstylevoulevard.com

Styling Tip– metallic belts aren’t only for skirts or dresses but can be used on high waist denims too for that Sassy look 🙂

Makeup for this outfit was a little more elaborate than the eye makeup for the Fall Fashion Street Style look! Same champagne eyelids, a berry shade used on the crease line & on the corner of the eye (can use purple or even maroon)


Lipstick was Girl about town by MAC. When the outfits too dark break the monotony with a pop of colour 🙂 What’s better than a bright lipstick to perk up your look 😉

Makeup TipStrong Eyebrows are Huge this season so try out an eyebrow pencil (Lakme, Maybelline & lots more onflipkart.com) or even eyebrow eyeshadow/powder (available at MAC, Sephora)

Hair was kept into a High Pony! Trust me it isn’t as simple as you think *sigh* make sure to brush all the hair up straight & secure with a rubber band into a High pony & tease the inner hair of the pony for that voluminous look 🙂

Kept my hair blow dried turned out so the Pony looks dramatic & textured.

Now, Introducing our Miss Flirtatious

Protima Tiwary (warning- the Title is only associated with her look here, boys don’t get too excited :p)

Dress from Cupidity

Animal Print

Protima carried the Leopard print beautifully in our Fall Fashion Street Style look & here she is with a faint gold striped tiger print. So protima here is flaunting two hot & happening trends of the Fall- metallic & animal print 🙂

And We are Breaking the rules and how 😀 & claiming Tan is the new Black!

Tan Leather Jacket from Bershka, Croatia.


Pertaining to the Tan trend from Fall Fashion Street Style! The Tan Leather Jacket is here to steal men’s hearts too 😉

Wedge heels

Wedge heels are the hottest fashion trend for the fall after boots!

Wear them anytime & anywhere for the Hot Gal from the Fall look (Yes these wedge heels will be a miss fit with my outfit, so now u know what to team with what!)

Wedge Heels from Forever New

High Pony

Well Protima is non fuss & isn’t the kinds to be worrying too much about getting her hair set every time she sets foot outside her house! She can pull off a date with a High pony too & yet look her gorgeous best in her comfort zone 😉

High Pony by Me 🙂

So whether you like experimenting with your looks or just are comfortable with your hair up & away from your face! Try a High Pony this fall season 🙂

Also, If you are in Pune, Protima recommends the Store ‘Cupidity’- great stuff (especially dresses) & reasonably priced 🙂


And that’s a Wrap!!!! I can’t believe the Fall Fashion 2014 looks are done with 😦

But Fall isn’t over & it has a lot more in store for me 😀

By November catch me Experimenting with my Fall looks in places where Fall actually exists! (Hint- city of festivals, freedom)

Stay tuned because The Style Chair is travelling places & it’s going to be big 😀







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