Sephora Opens in Pune city!

The leading chain of perfumes & cosmetics stores now opens in Pune πŸ˜€ Pune being the only other city apart from Delhi to have its very own Sephora store in India!Might sound like I’m creating a bit of a hype but well this is nothing! Sephora opening up in Pune is a huge deal especially the fact that it hasn’t even yet opened in Mumbai! Makeup Haven for all make-up maniacs & make-up artists like me especially for West India ❀

Sephora has opened up in Phoenix Marketcity Mall. I had gone for the launch of the Sephora store & the whole mall could feel the presence of the Sephora opening up, as Sephora had organised a little show with them taking on centre stage in the mall, right at the entrance of the mall itself!

My eyes were gleaming & I couldn’t stop smiling looking at the Black & White Sephora stripes from a distance. I suddenly felt like I was on a holiday at some country in Europe (since I’ve only had the opportunity to shop at Sephoras outside India). I also had this sudden feeling of pride of being a punekar & having the priviledge of having a Sephora open in my city πŸ˜€

The Sephora store was quite huge & yet packed with the sales assistants & lots of clients. Sephora had all its regular Makeup Brands like-

  • Make Up Forever,
  • Benefit,
  • NYX,
  • Stila,
  • Givenchy,
  • Geurlain,
  • Lancome,
  • Clinique,
  • Estee Lauder &
  • Its own In-house label Sephora.

Skin Care Brands like-

  • Burt’s Bees,
  • Boscia,
  • The Face Shop,
  • Forest Essentials,
  • Soap & Glory,
  • Clinique,
  • Pete Thomas Roth,

Sephora’s own Bath & Body section too! It was bright, colourful & very inviting πŸ™‚

& a whole section dedicated to all the brands of perfumes πŸ˜€

Things that impressed me πŸ˜€
  • Stila One Step that is a skin tone correcting moisturizing serum!
  • Baked eyeshadow by Sephora that had three glittery shade combinations & available at INR 1290.
  • Sephora’s Supreme Cleansing Oil at INR 800 approx.
  • Peter Thomas Roth ‘Lashes to Die For’ which is a night treatment for the eyelashes.
Things you need to get your hands on NOW!
  • The NYX Matte Lipsticks have just stolen my heart! It’s matte yet creamy texture, highly pigmented colour & the best part- its priced just at INR 530!
  • Moisture Prep toning lotion by Benefit especially for all of you with Oily skin.
  • If you are looking for a lipstick from a luxury brand at Sephora, then Givenchy Le RougeΒ Lipstick is the one! Especially loved the look of 317 corail signature (orange) on our Indian skin tone.
Fun Buys πŸ˜€

Mother pucker by Soap & Glory is a lip plumping lip gloss!

Stamping on my Lips, lip tint by The Face Shop!Sephora’s Fizzy cubes.

Pop eyeshadow colours by Sephora.20150123_201557

Things you could skip 😦
  • Sephora Makeup brushes! they didnt feel too soft & seemed to be very highly priced. Starting at INR 3,000 going up to 7,000.
  • Michael Kors fragrances! didn’t impress me as much with their scents & being priced at 6,800 I would definitely not buy them.
  • I didn’t like the Sephora blushes much as they didn’t seem very pigmented! But for those who just like a sheer colour you can try them out.

In two minds about the Sephora lipsticks because I thought you could get better lipsticks in INR 910! But yet liked the shades (especially the reds) & texture.Captured Videos2

Sephora Favourites

Sephora Body favourites were all full of Forest essential products.

Sephora favourite Primers were from Benefit, Sephora & Make Up Forever.

The vibe at the Sephora Pune Launch– there was a lot of hustle bustle which was more because of all the excitement of Sephora opening in Pune. The Sephroa Makeup section was crowded with ladies of all ages because they had such a wide range πŸ™‚Benefit seemed to be quite the favourite with all the young gals.

Make Up Forever was the MUA haven & everyone was in general in an exploring mode as its the first time something this big with beauty & makeup has hit this side of the country πŸ˜€

The Launch was refreshing & promising & I feel so proud to have all the iconic & prestigious Make-up, beauty, nails, perfume & hair labels from around the world in Pune city.

I had a blast being in paradise ❀ So plan out your next Make-Up Haul! Ladies Sephora Pune is a must-visit.

28 thoughts on “Sephora Opens in Pune city!

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  2. I was in Pune in January & had to leave to get back home, about 5 days before Sephora opened up 😦 Such a tragedy! lol but here’s the fun part…I will be in Pune next week & Sephora is definitely on the cards…Threw in a search for must-buys from there & your Blogpost popped up!! Lovely post and extremely helpful to “First-timers at Sephora” like me!! πŸ˜‰ Thanks TheStyleChair!!

    • Thank you so much Neha! Glad you liked the post & really appreciate you taking out the time with ur kind words!
      Happy to help πŸ˜€ You can even follow me on Instagram @misschopchop

  3. This looks really amazing,, i will be soon visiting pune will definitely check out sephora. Are these the only brands available or are more available?? Is colorpop available??

  4. I’m first time buy huda beauty foundations for oily and dusky skin how to choose perfect color for my skin tone

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