Summer Cool in the Pool

The best thing about Summers is swimming ❤ especially with the right swimwear. Also, here’s a look at the chance I got to have a Stylish time at the lovely Vitality pool at Hyatt.

For all of you who don’t know me I am a complete water baby (lets attribute that to being a scorpion?) Very few people know that I was just barely a year old when my parents took me into a pool, at the age of 3 I learnt to be afloat & at the age of 8 I actually stood first in my school’s swimming competitions. Oh! And at 13 I did Scuba diving 10mts deep at Lakshadweep.

More than safe now to say that I can literally live in water.

Coming back to Hyatt- It was great to see little kids around me who were learning how to swim as Hyatt was taking swimming lessons at their Vitality pool.

Swimming is my beat the heat & fitness mantra during the summers.

Enough from me!!!!! But seriously If you get a chance head to the Vitality pool at the Hyatt, to just have a fun day in the water or to even learn swimming of you don’t know how to 🙂

Address– Adjacent to Aga Khan Palace, 88 Nagar Road, Kalyani Nagar, Pune,  India, 411006 Tel: +91 020 4141 1234

Alot of people I know have been heading to Goa & other foriegn beachy destinations & every other week I have someone asking me ‘Where do we buy bikinis from in Pune’? Your question has been answered 😀

Forget online shopping! Busy Bee Boutique in Koregaon Park Now stocks bikinis & swimsuits too. For that matter even if you aren’t from Pune, Busy Bee does ship too!

In this post I shall be showcasing some of Busy Bee’s swimwear & also How & What Cover-ups to wear with a bikini 🙂

I found the bikini & swimsuit very comfortable & Busy bee actually had M & L sizes too which was a big relief because we all aren’t as lucky as our eastern counterparts & are not so petite.

When not in the water but by the pool or by the beach, Cover-ups are something everyone loves to have on & I love them because they add that stylish element to swimwear.

  • Kimonos & Capes that are trending these days are perfect as cover ups too. Just make sure they are of light material so they dry up fast!

  • Sheer long tops that aren’t too clingy too make a perfect cover-up 🙂
  • Sarongs you can easily find being sold by the beach, but if you don’t live by the shore & aren’t able to buy a sarong! You could even use any of your salwar dupattas of crêpe/ georgette material or your mums tie&dye printed dupattas as a sarong & tie it up in several ways to look different.

A pair of glares & a Sun hat are absolute essentials too whether you are chilling by a pool or just lounging on the beach.

A BIG Thank you to Photographer Ashish Gurbani without whom this post wouldn’t have been possible. He is fabulous 

Thank you for THE Best shot ever!

Thank you for THE Best shot ever!

And dont forget to Check out Busy Bee on FB- Busy Bee & Instagram- @busybeeforever 

Be Yourself & Shine On

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