Wild Child

This one’s not about my wild streak 😉 but this post is about Hair & Makeup which I seemed to have ignored for a while.
So its started raining in Pune & this weather is making the hair really frizzy! All my clients  (at my salon) are asking me what to do about the frizz ball that their hair is looking like?
Frizzy hair is common in the monsoons due to the humidity levels being high during this period!
This is the time when you just go & buy all the Anti-Frizz products possible! Leave-in creams & serums are going to be the new beauty products you cannot live without.
Now I know half of you will first use an anti frizz product for the hair as a part of your beauty regime! Even before using a moisturiser :p
If you have wavy or curly hair, they are going to get even more curly. But don’t fret & just follow my rule of Embracing the curls.
‘When life throws a problem at you Embrace it, don’t fight it.’
So, Say hello to the curls & enjoy them.
Since a blowdry anyway isn’t going to stay! Why even try. Normally I atleast recommend my clients to blowdry the front of the hair so that the hair that fall on the face look neat.
Here I have actually just kept my fringe wavy (which I never do) & pinned it up.
To keep your curls tamed make sure to use serum to smooth the frizz & use a curl cream or mousse to give the curls a defined look.
These are the Products I’m using for my curls right now!
L to R- Foxy Curls (TiGi), Sublime Shine (L'oreal), Silhouette (Shwarzkopf), Supreme Smooth (L'oreal)

L to R- Foxy Curls (TiGi), Sublime Shine (L’oreal), Silhouette (Shwarzkopf), Supreme Smooth (L’oreal)

In the gloomy weather to lift up my mood I love the wild child look (ofcourse it happens naturally in the monsoons) But a little smokey eye look & red lips totally make the ‘Wild Look’ look Glam
DSC_177001 copy

For the Makeup-

  • Apply a dark Grey eyeshadow all over the lid. (even a Kohl pencil will do)
  • With a blending brush (or with the pad of your finger) blend the crease-line to give it that smoked look.

  • Apply a highlighter on the brow bone.
  • Line the lids with Kohl.
  • Smudge the Kohl on the lower water line to enhance the smoked look.
  • Apply lots of mascara to make the lashes look fuller.
  • Red lips & Contouring being the cherry on the cake.

Styling Tip– To get the ‘Wild Look’ bang on use some animal accessories or wear an animal print outfit 😉
Leave your comments below as to how you liked the look? And what next would you like to read on the Blog?
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