All Good Scents| How Why & What Perfumes to buy online

You know those times you want to gift someone & neither do you have time to buy something!
Now you needn’t stress about finding a good gift for your dear ones. is going to be your new saviour!

All Good Scents is the first contemporary perfume house in India.

Here’s why you need to choose All Good Scents!
  • Perfumes for Him & Her.
  • Absolute value for money.
  • Free delivery across India on any purchase.
  • Does not contain any animal ingredients nor are tested on animals.
  • All fragrances created & made in France.
  • Good variety of perfumes available online.
  • The perfumes are packaged very well & make lovely gifts …

all good scents1 copy

Joy is what you feel when you open up this happy & fun yellow perfume box 🙂 Simple elegant &  a clear perfume bottle gives a very classy appearance. Love is what takes over your senses once you spray on the perfume. A concoction of tropical blooms & exotic fragrances takes over your senses. Love & Joy is truly a very unique fragrance.

The first that hits your nose is the Litchi smell & a mix of floral too. Soon when the scent starts growing over you a tinge of wooden accents take over too.

I’m going to stop guessing & give u a List of all the awesomness that the Love & Joy comprises of
Top notes- Fresia, Peony & Litchi.
Secondary notes- Rose, Lily of the Valley & Magnolia.
Faint notes- Cedar, Amber, White musks & Powdery Notes.

Best part?

This is an Eau de Parfum which means its more concentrated than an EDT & lasts longer too!
Within Rs. 2000 you can actually buy almost 100ml of an all good scents perfume.

Final Verdict would definitely be to buy an All Good Scents perfume whether you are looking for a daily wear perfume or a perfume to gift your loved ones. All Good Scents is the site you need to be on 🙂

Lot of us have a rough idea of the scents we like or dislike but can’t really put a finger on what the fragrances are made from. So go ahead & just Discover your own favourite scents on the website. It could really get confusing sometimes even picking up the right scent for yourself (except the time you have something particular in mind). Its

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