Fro-Yo Wonderland| Menchie’s Pune Now Open

Hello my lovelies,

Wanted to share my recent, most fun & yummilicious tasting experience at the newly opened Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt destination in Pune.

My friend & fellow blogger Madhumita & me evidently had a really fun & tummy yummy time at Menchie’s! Read On 😀
Menchie’s Pune now opened at Lower ground shop no. 2, Power point Building, Lane 6, Koregaon Park, Pune 411001. Call Menchie’s at +91-2030189653

What’s Menchie’s about?

Menchie’s is California’s premium frozen yogurt brand, world-leader of ensuring best-in-class products and is the ambassador of frozen yogurt quality worldwide. Menchie’s has been a favourite of celebrities such as Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, Ben Affleck, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Garner and many more.

The unique in-store experience, all designed to make people smile, is what makes Menchie’s what it is today.

In Pune, Menchie’s will offer best-in-class products, exceptional customer service and a family-friendly experience that ensures happiness in every cup. Guests can unleash their creativity by mixing and matching their favorite yogurt flavors with over 70 rotating toppings to create endless combinations.

What I really liked about Menchie’s Pune?

The whole experience of going & making your own Fro-Yo from start was so exciting! I felt like a little girl in wonderland 😀 (Did end up making that evident to all the people there)

I loved how spacious the whole Menchie’s outlet was! They even hold birthday parties for kids there, so you can imagine the amount of space they have!
I would even love going there with my whole gang of friends or even family & have a good time without people sitting almost at my table 🙂

Here’s a good one for all the health concious people! If you didnt know a bowl of Menchie’s Fro-Yo actually only contains 100 calories & the non-sugar Fro-Yo actually contains zero calories 😀
Menchie’s Fro-Yo has protien & is even pro-biotic

Options with Quantity
There are two standard bowl sizes as far as quantity is concerned but that doesnt mean you literally have to fill it up! You are the boss & you can take as much Fro-Yo as your heart desires.
Also, Menchie’s charges you per gram! So you Can, not only choose the amount of Fro-Yoyou want to consume but also pay for exactly how much you have had!

Value for Money
Priced at 1.15 Rupees per gram! A 100grams of Fro-Yo is just 150 which is pretty good considering we pay 100’s these days just for coffee!

Open till late & even Early!
Whether you are a morning person or a late night person- Menchie’s has it all sorted out for all of us 😀

Here’s a look at my Menchie’s Fro-Yo that I put together myself (little Masterchef moment, maybe :p )

Mine was a more chocolate crunky kind of Fro-Yo with cookie & cream, chocolate & a bit of strawberry fro-yo topped with chocolate brownies, swirlie sticks, caramel crunchies, strawberry sprinkles & alot more (I don’t even remember what all I threw in in all that excitement :p )

What I am waiting for Next? is the Waffle counter at Menchie’s & also Breakfast servings that they shall start soon too!

Menchie’s is a must visit for people of all ages literally 😀 Go ahead & get your cup of joy ❤

To stay tuned to all my crazy updates that I can’t put on the Blog :p Follow me on Snapchat @miss_chopchop

Be Yourself & Shine On

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