Fashion Beats: Of Weekender fashion & more

Hello November ❤

It’s the start of the best (& most hectic) time of the year! With my birthday, festivities & parties happening the last two months of the year just fly by 😀

At TSC we have been doing a lot of conceptual shoots & making sure we sort you out with tips & tricks with styling & makeup! Hope you have been liking them?

So, starting this special month on a special note with a special post. For the first time on the Blog you will see three pretty ladies in one shot! As you all know the NH7 Weekender has started. Shillong & Kolkata have enjoyed their share of music madness already. With Delhi, Bangalore & Pune gearing up for the NH7, TSC too is in action here.

Today’s post is simply all about ‘How to Dress up for a Music Fest’?

Music fest fashion is all about casual, comfortable & expressive dressing. The first thing that normally comes to our mind is a pair of shorts & a crop top but there is alot more to that! And that is exactly what TSC is going to explore with you.
Three different looks have been created here exploiting three different personalities & matching up to their personal style With a twist.

A little introduction to these two new faces in this post! Miss Punk (or as she calls herself- ‘badass’) is Namrata Gautam, she usually is happiest in an ‘oversized t-shirt’. Miss Arty Chic here is Neha Chaudhary, who is a classy girl & loves classic dressing but being a creative mind herself, she loves experimenting around . So with these two fun girls & me (ofcourse), here are the looks we put together & the fun we had shooting.

Don’t forget to note down all the Do’s & Dont’s for Weekender Fashion!

#WeekenderFashion Must-Have Accessories:

Flower Headband, Arm candy (wristband, bangle stacks or even cuffs stacked, Feathers (whether in your hair or ears), bucket bags & backpacks look perfect (apart from the regular sling bags).

Styling Tip– Play up with either accessorising the neck& wrist or ears & wrists. Don’t go overboard with the accessorising & end up looking tribal!

#WeekenderFashion Footwear:

Since music fests are about standing around & even walking around quite a bit, ditching the heels is more than obvious. But for those who can’t live without heels & even have super comfortable wedges should go ahead. Apart from that considering its casual dressing & also sneakers have been quite the trend setters! Kicks & sneakers or even skater shoes are the perfect option!
This literally was the first time I wore skater shoes with a skirt, but considering the comfort I absolutely loved it!

#WeekenderFashion Layering:

Layer it up to the music fests! Add some character to the outfit with a Kimono or a cape or a long shrug too! Fringed & lace kimonos would be the most apt ways of layering it to the Weekender.

#WeekenderFashion Hairstyles:

Its simple lets just ape our favourite music artists! So basically let down & messy hair is the key here. Braids are another way of doing up the hair if you like it all together atleast! Fishtail braid, French plait or even a Rope braid (like what I have done for Neha here). Add on accessories to glam up the open hair!

Must-Wear Outfit Tips:

    • Play with prints like aztec, graphic prints. Slogans printed or even band T-shirts are apt for the occasion. They add to the fun factor of an outfit rather than just plain jane.
    • Bring out the bright colours & neons.
    • Ditch the typical leggings and throw on the ripped denims. Ripped denims just feel ‘meant to be’ at a music fest!
    • Beads can be played up with as accessories,
    • Bring out the hats,
    • Don’t forget to carry your sunnies,
    • Carry a jacket or a shrug along so you can throw that on & look different at the after parties 😉

Stay Clear Of:

  • Fitted dresses &
  • Stilettos.
    Its a music festival ladies & not a club!

We had none other than Kruthika Pillai who shot this post (and had a blast herself on the shoot making us rehearse that co-ordinated jump 20 odd times)

Styling, Hair & Makeup for all the looks were done by me & thank all the three ladies for helping me put this whole idea together ❤

Stay Tuned to TSC for a lot of madness this month. Follow the Blog for automatic updates (click on the ‘follow’ button in the footer of the page) & follow me Instagram and Snapchat @misschopchop & If you love Youtube watch my tutorials & travel videos on the Channel- The Style Chair.

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4 thoughts on “Fashion Beats: Of Weekender fashion & more

  1. Loved your look and the Marsala crop top with the flowy laced cape look! Definitely going to try them! Where is your cute printed crop top from? Love it 😍

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