In wake of the Award Season!

Congratulations are in order for The Style Chair! Very proud & humbled to share with you all the news that I won the ‘Best Fashionista of the Year’ Award by

I request all my readers to check out this video that I have specially made for you, because if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be half as good a blogger as I am today!

In this post what you can look forward to is: a little story about my journey & also an interview with the man himself- Salis Afaque.

The Style Chair’s Journey

The Fashion flare was alive in me since birth I am sure. I’ve been spotted sporting a Bikini at the age of 3 & in saris at the age of 4 (confidently getting clicked also)! Yes, as a child I did get a little too carried away with accessorising & overloading myself with necklaces & hair beads. But to date I cannot part with my accessories (although I now know minimalism too)! Its safe for me to say that fashion runs in my blood as well because my mother is the most fashionable lady I know even at 50 and can even give any 25 year old a run for their money 😉

My oldest & most fond memory is when I was five & dressed up as Miss Universe by my mother in a swimsuit, with a tiara on my head & had to be on stage. Infront of about 100 people (I was very nervous) but I was told I carried myself off with a lot of confidence (even then!)

Honestly my personal style is all about being Unique (& yet be myself). My dressing even depends on what mood I am in, for the day! So if I’m in a very happy & girly mood I dress up in florals & skaters. Or if I’m in a hardcore mood then I go grunge. I follow trends but with my own added twist. I’m definitely not the emulating kinds.

My expertise in the Beauty industry & my eclectic sense of style made me want to start blogging! I wanted to Blog not just to show people what clothes and makeup I wear but to show people a new way to wear an outfit, give styling tips, do makeup tutorials, inform readers about new trends. Also how to wear the new trends & outfit ideas for different occassions. I am glad somewhere I’ve done something right to now be holding this award 😀

In the end it always boils down to one thing: For anything/one to be successful you need to put in a lot of hardwork. A little word for all the Aspiring fashion bloggers- Have a good mix of brilliant pictures pictures & meaningful content. Very important to be consistent & active on social media 🙂

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Excuse my showing off but for this one time its justified 😉

Salis Magazine & its Association

TSC: How did come into being?

Salis: My journey has a long story which can’t be told in just some words. One day while reading the Hindustan Times Brunch at a tea stall I came up with an idea to publish a magazine which will cover all the topics of the world. The idea was great but execution is surely not easy when you are just 15 years old. So I decided to work on my dream in future someday. But in 2012, I got hospitalized for lung infection which worked as a turning point of time. Apart from eating thousand medicines and taking many injections I started working on mission magazine. I got 6 months time, thanks to being on bed rest. I researched how to start a magazine in every possible way. What I found out in the end was that you need money, time and brain to run a magazine. A 16 year old who wants to run a magazine looked like a dream. But finally in Jan, 2015 I launched which is an e-magazine with the help of Zafar Alam (Technical Head of Softel Revolution Pvt. Ltd.), Eqbal Hasan (my dad) and Shafaque Eqbal (my Editor-in-Chief).

The start was amazing but it lasted for just 2 days. I along with Shafaque planned out all the content, selection of bloggers, timing and marketing. We worked day and night and we still do to make sure every day is as amazing. We will make sure everyone keeps loving always.

TSC: What you think of Aleena as a Blogger?

Salis: Aleena Mackar is beautiful, elegant, stylish and sexy. What I love the most about you is that you are amazing from your heart. You know that you are best at what you do which makes you a total hit and each time you come up with a new blog, it’s always better than the previous one. I have checked your blog from the very first post. The development I see in you as a blogger is really amazing.
Keep delivering your best always. And I really like your experiments on hairstyles and that’s what makes you different and creative.

TSC: How has the association with The Style Chair been so far how?

Salis: Our association has been great from Day 1. Infact whenever any blogger who has been associated with achieves success it makes me happy. I don’t know the reason of this happiness but it makes me want to help them to develop more. You were just the second Fashion blogger to associate with & I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting us when we needed you the most. I hope we will be associated till the eternity. Thank You!

Its been a long read but I hope you all enjoyed reading all about my Journey about the award & Salis Magazine 🙂

I will be back this week with my Two Minute Makeup Tutorial Series so if you have any requests comment below or mail me on

Be Yourself & Shine On ❤

The Style Chair

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