Ten Ways to look Fashionable this Summer!

Its an all new season & its all about new fashion. But, summers can be a real pain with the mercury rising.

TSC has some tips to make sure you can beat the heat in style 😉


  1. Bring out those airy clothes. Crochet, lace & even sheer. Wear clothes and fabrics that aren’t too clingy & let the skin breathe. Bring out all those shorties: shorts, skirts, strappy & tank tops.
  2. Enjoy summer hair with Braids & Buns.
  3. Wear bright lipsticks for the summer. But don’t go too heavy on the eye makeup then. The trend that I am loving of late is the out of the bed eyes (no eye makeup) with bold bright lip colour.
  4. Getting a little technical: be careful of the fabrics you wear. Ditch the synthetics, knit and even silk fabrics. Go in for cotton or cotton blend materials, unless you want to have a sauna bath everyday.DSC02434
  5. This has nothing to do with being fashionable, or actually in some way it does. Keep hydrated, a hydrated body is a happy body. And don’t forget Happy girls are the prettiest ❤
  6. Happy Feet: Keep he feet breathing & embrace the tie up, gladiator trend. Open shoes or sandals are the best options with sliders and thong footwear being the summer favourites. The espadrilles are another huge favourite in the summer with its jute look although they generally are closed shoes. One of my personal favourites for the summers are kolhapuri chappals (Indian sandals), they are so versatile and look fabulous with a pair of denims as well 🙂
  7. While it gets really hot and we throw off the layers, the same is true for the accessories too. Go in for minimal accessories in the summers.
  8. Go in for Printed clothes. Floral prints and tropical prints are quite the flavour of the season. Another trending print is the oriental print
  9. Be sun safe in style with Hats and caps. There are all kinds of hats to choose from to keep that pretty face out of the sun and that head fashionable. Ofcourse be kind to your skin and apply an SPF everyday whether your sun exposure in a  day is 5 minutes or 45 minutes. Dont forget a stylish pair of sunnies (the staple accessory for the summers)
  10. For all of you who tend to perspire a lot get yourself sweat pads. Sweat patches in the summers are a major fashion faux pas (but can you really help it?) Sweat Pads can be stuck on the inside of the sleeves of your tops. Buy sweat pads easily online or get them from the bigger supermarkets.cvxcvHope you liked this post? Leave your comments below & Hit the Follow button Below to get automatic updates for new Blogposts 🙂 And for any post request do mail me on aleena@thestylechair.com

Stay Tuned for A Lot of summer posts coming your way ❤

Be Yourself & Shine On ❤

The Style Chair

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