TSC’s Guide to Acing your Online Shopping Game!

I recently titled myself the ‘Smart Shopper’, something I should have done long back. But its never too late. The past two-three years, eighty percent of my shopping I have been doing through online shopping sites. I guess thats what has made me ace the online shopping game. This reassurance happened recently when I got a pair of Reebok Classics priced at 7000 Rupees originally at just 3500 rupees. It was a pair on Koovs.com I had kept in my Wishlist (wishes come true you know) and the minute I got a notification of a 50% off on that particular day I immediately went to my Wishlist added it to cart and it was all mine.

Online shopping has so many brands just at the click of a button, no trial room queues or messy cloth piles & lots of time to decide what to buy. With the growing traffic too, getting to the mall post work is seriously a task (and weekend shopping at the maill is like being at a fish market). Plus there are some very unique designers and brands that are online and not in-store.

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Now that I have given myself the title of ‘Smart Shopper’ and a lot of you from my Instagram (@thestylechair) voted for me to do this post. Here goes:

Ten Ways to Ace your Online shopping Game:

My Fav one has to be ‘Wishlists’. The minute I see something I like and am unsure if I want to buy it or not I Sign-in and put it into the site’s Wishlist. Then later I only make my selection from the Wishlist to ‘Add to Cart’ this way I’m not scrolling through a zillion products to find that one piece I thought I liked and it’s also saved for a later day.

  1. Research & Compare- a lot of shopping sites stock the same brands so check the price for the same product on different sites and then buy from the site that gives it at the best price. For eg: Myntra & Jabong stock a lot of similar products so I usually check and compare before buying from either. Or even find similar looking products on other sites. Don’t just immediately buy, when you have the option to browse online.
  2. Shipping, Payments & Returns- although most sites these days send their products all over the country yet check if they deliver to your pincode orelse its a waste browsing that site. A major win for me is if the site does a pick-up for the returns. I always have a bias towards such sites because then its easier to exchange products rather than trying to courier the products back (Koovs, Label Life, Lulu & Sky and Jabong have return pick-up facility). A lot of sites also give discounts if you are paying by a specific card or online wallets.
  3. Zoom In- a frequently asked question to me, when I shop online is ‘was the material good’ & my response is- ‘its like what I saw it to be’. And people wonder how I can make out the material of clothing just through pictures. Well there is a knack to it, Zoom In! Zoom into the images of the clothing you wish to buy and you will more or less get to know what the material looks like, a few websites like Koovs.com have a video option in the carousel of product images. A video is the best way to see the way the clothing sits on the body, its flow and an overall glimpse of the clothing in a go!
  4. Size Guide- this might seem like an obvious one, but its not! Different brands have the same size with different measurements though. So make sure to open the measurements of the garment and then choose the size. A ‘S’ size on Koovs.com can be quite different from the ‘S’ size of StalkBuyLove (& I have faced this issue myself). Another pro tip, for lose fitted tops you can consider opingt for the size smaller than your usual size (so you don’t look like you are floating in the outfit).
  5. Description- when doing online shopping the description to a product is quite important. It literally answers a lot of your questions that just even the pictures aren’t able to describe. The material used, care tips and also the style.
  6. Register & Stay Updated- See a welcome message with an email registration? Go ahead and register and avail of that first time discount. Its always good to register on a site while shopping, some sites have their points system, you also get to add to your wishlist (this is my favourite & most used feature on any online shopping site). The shopping sites that have their apps, notifiy for their offers (while I hate being overloaded with notifications, these notifications I don’t mind).
  7. Weekday Shopping- as per what I have noticed a lot of sites have their offers during the week and during day time rather than at night! Another time to look out for sales is around any festival time. As you all know EOSS (End Of Season Sale) happens around January-February & June-July, so its a good time to keep a look out for sales online too then & reserve the bulk buying thats not urgent for then. Amazon, Jabong, Myntra and a lot of home decor or furnishing other sites have massive sales around Diwali time. FYI Label Life & Vajor both do Sunday Deals.
  8. Size Confusion- its valid to be confused about your size sometimes despite being a frequent shopper at a particular site too. During these times I would say order the smaller size. This way you get to know if the outfit or footwear is very tight or very very tight and accordingly buy a size bigger or two sizes bigger. A faster way to shop is to use Filters, put in your size in the filter to only view products of your size and not waste time on products that wont fit you (you can even put in the price range and various other specifications in the filters to give you precise options).
  9. Footwear is the most difficult to buy online because the fit is everything and without trying how can you even say if a pair is fitting well or comfortable (in this case if I don’t like a pair I just ask for a refund, simple!) Here is a guide for women’s footwear- if you wear a size 38 in flat open sandals, then buy a size bigger for a peep toe pair i.e. 39 and for a closed shoe buy two sizes bigger i.e. 40!
  10. Be Careful- Online Shopping Sites like Flipkart, Amazon & other sites that stock products of a 100 brands have similar products but vastly varied pricing! Be careful and in such cases check reviews. Specially for imported products check their original price in dollars and convert and if you see the price very low after converting as compared to its original price then beware, it might be a fake! I rarely buy imported brands online because of this scare. But thankfully atleast for imported Makeup now Nykaa has almost all of my favourite make up brands from the USA & UK!

FYI, Here are the last five online shopping sites/apps I just visited– Label Life, Pipa Bella, Shein, Jabong & Koovs. AND with Woman’s Day around the corner a lot of shopping sites are giving good deals so keep them eyes open 🙂

I hope you guys find this post helpful and if you do feel over time you are becoming a smart shopper then don’t forget to give me a shoutout so I can feel proud 😉 ❤

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