ALL you need to know about Curly Hair| Care, Styling & Products

Envious curls is what defines my hair!? But that is not how this story has always been!

Having wavy hair ever since I crossed the age of five, I used to detest my hair. Especially in school when everyone used to have their hair looking nicely layered in a ponytail and I used to have my hair spring up through my ponytail. That’s when I resorted to permanently straightening my hair and ended up doing it three times over in fact.

It was only much later, when I started my hairdresser training, that I learnt the art to ‘Maintaining Curls’ and after that there was just no looking back ❤

My curl care routine not only involves tried and tested methods that have worked on me but also tricks I’ve seen work well on my curly haired clients.

Basically, if you have curly hair then make products your best friend. From care products to styling products.

The main issue with wavy or curly hair is frizz right? After reading the rest of this post you can completely conquer those frizzy woes too with The Style Chair 🙂

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Care for Curly Hair:

Firstly, as a Hairstylist I am going to start by saying. The right haircut can change everything. So get a layered cut that enhances your curls. And most of the professional hairstylists would always give a good layered cut for the curls to set in well.

Always remember though, never try to frame the face and cut the front hair shorter unlike how we style Straight hair. The longer is the length the better the curls fall and don’t frizz up. Similarly if you have very frizzy and unmanageable hair, then try and maintain a length that is shoulder and below. So the weight of the hair doesn’t allow the hair to jump up and frizz too much.

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Curly hair unlike straight hair always tends to look rather dry and lifeless and will always lack the shine that straighter hair has. So keeping the hair soft and smooth at all times is extremely important. Regular oil massages and hair spas will keep the hair and scalp well nourished.

I even try and do anti-frizz treatments like the Power Mix by Loreal or the Moroccan Oil Treatment spa once a month.

Use Hair masks for the hair wash always add some glycerine to your shampoos or even apple cider vinegar to help control the frizz while shampooing.

Tips for Curly Hair:

  1. First and foremost Do Not Comb curls. Combing curly hair loses the definition to the curls and only leaves you with a frizz ball.
  2. While towel drying just dab hair and don’t go on rubbing hair as it makes the hair frizzy as it aggravates the hair cuticles.
  3. When washing off conditioner let the last rinse be with cold water to seal the hair cuticle and make it more smooth and frizz free.

Here are a list of the products (in order of usage) I use to keep my curls intact and care for my coloured locks:

  • I used to use the Vitamino Colour shampoo by L’oreal religiously. But for a change recently switched to the TIGI S Factor- Health Factor Shampoo and sometimes the Absolute Repair Shampoo by L’oreal.
  • Hair masque or a real good conditioner. A conditioner that weighs the hair down is good to keep the curls more in shape. Currently using the S factor Serious Conditioner Hair Masque, it makes the hair super soft and the best part about it is the mint flavour. The cooling effect is the best feeling in the world.
  • Opt for deep nourishing treatments or hair spas as a monthly regime at a salon. Keeps the hair & scalp both well hydrated.
  • Hair serums especially anti-frizz serums to make sure the frizz is more in control & there is more sheen to the hair. Currently using the Moroccan Oil Treatment for the same.


  • Now coming to the main product for curls in specific. Curl creams, gels, mousse all hold the curls and give them the definition that actually makes your curls look pretty til the next wash (and not just on the first day). Currently using: On The Rebound- Curl Recall Cream by Bed Head TIGI or my absolute latest buy and favourite- Deva Curl Styling Cream.


Note: personally out of my own experience without curls over a decade. I like using hair mousse and/ or curl creams with good hold (not just regular kind of leave-in conditioners).

Styling Curls on Day 2 after your wash:

The day of your wash the hair looks THE Best. And maybe even a day after, but by the second day of the wash, despite not coming out the hair the curls seem to lose their shape and look rather frizzy and messy. But again, products come to our rescue.

A good point to remember here is to not wet the whole hair again (unless you plan to shampoo and condition it). Only use damp hands on the hair and a product.

I discovered the Control Freak by Bed Head which doesn’t make it too stiff but helps the curl get it’s definition back at the same time. So ideal as a second day kind of product.

Another way of using up that gel is to dampen the hair with wet hands mixed with gel on your palms. And scrunch onto the hair. I put the Fix Max hell to use here again.

There are days I don’t like my hair let down (because of the humidity or because of my frequent workouts) and I put them all up. But you know those little horns that poke out of your head. That! is where I need a hairspray handy and the L’oreal Elnette is a great pick because it’s light and doesn’t have much residue. Or else for a real sleek look I use the L’oreal Fix Max Gel for great hold.

Attaching videos for my Sleek Bun Look with no heat and just this Gel. And also an old Hair Regime Video from my YT Channel- the Style Chair

I hope this post helps all you curly girls and pushes you all to maintain those beautiful curls, rather than fight them. Feel free to leave your suggestions or tried and tested product recommendations in the comments to help other curly girls.

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