I changed my Fitness Regime and Got the Body I wanted!!!!! #GirlsWhoLift

If you are a girl who lifts then this post is for you! And if you aren’t a girl who lifts then this post is definitely for you.

If you read my earlier Blogpost about my fitness journey! Then you know how and when I started working out and that I had reached a good point to call myself fit. I had shed off those extra kilos too.

In the month of February this year I took up the 12 Week Transformation Challenge and it has got to be the best challenge I have taken up in a while.

It was quite clear from my earlier fitness post that I wasn’t much of a weights fan. But in the past six months I have become the girl who is repetitively advocating weight training to everyone. It’s been a huge transition mentally and it’s been a great physical transformation.

Basically, the best way to tone up is to do weight training!!!!!

Girls Who Lift

Right from the Head to Toe you can see the tone up & definition in literally every part and every muscle of the body.

So WHY weight training?

As I did mention in February this year I took on the 12 Week Transformation Challenge and the good people at Multifit decided to up my fitness game. They did feel there was a lot of scope to tone up and build some muscle. I did have the stamina to go through strenuous functional training but just losing weight and having the heartburn isn’t the way.

So I was out on complete weight training and was asked to keep off strenuous functional training. Since too much of functional training in fact leads to loss of muscle.

Weight lifting myths busted!!!

Take protein supplements when doing weights.

I haven’t taken even an ounce of protein while muscle training. Not even during my 12 Week Transformation!

You can take protein supplements and that’s a very personal choice and ofcourse you can’t self administer. Ask a nutritionist and they will guide you best as to what and how much is to be consumed.

For me the only thing I was asked to do when I had started my 12 Week Transformation was to have a one egg omelette (made with organic coconut oil) or even a two egg omelette on like a leg day, when I needed more energy. And have a shot of black coffee just before beginning my workout.

Sometimes when I am lazy I just have a protein bar before my workout. And sometimes I add a few drops of the organic coconut oil to my black coffee shot.

Women don’t look good bulky and look masculine when they lift.

A few of my friends weren’t very encouraging about the whole weight-lifting business. Especially the men didn’t seem to take the idea of me doing only weight training very well (feminist me- what the hell why can’t women also be strong and have muscles and how does that make us less feminine). I was specifically told not to become all muscular. Even in my head I knew I wasn’t going to be ripped like the girls who participated in body building competitions. I see so many women weight training and I don’t see them all ripped!

Proof: I mean look at me now. SEE!!!!! I’m toned not ripped.

2018-09-12 21:38:03.765

Basically weight lifting helped me to convert my fat into muscle. Helped me tone up. Not necessarily bulk up. When people want to bulk up they do lesser reps and heavier weights. But that wasn’t what I was aiming for so neither did my trainer make me do so.

Body becomes stiff with weight lifting.

With the right amount of stretches post weight training, you can make sure to be as flexible and fit as always. Definitely go for body massages too, to relaxes the muscles post workout.

Don’ts of weight lifting?

First and foremost get your posture & form right. Posture is everything! The wrong form can totally change the muscle you are working on and also can cause injuries.

Always start with lighter weights and build up. Even if it means you have to pick up that tiny dumbell that barely anyone uses. Yes! Start with that.

Don’t aim for heavier weights. Do more repetitions if you want to just tone up.

Don’t over workout a muscle group and give the muscle recovery time too, which is absolutely essential. Like do a rigorous leg day just once in five days and work the other muscles the rest of the days respectively.

Cant leave this post without thanking my gym and the trainers who have always been very motivating. And most importantly the fabulous company I have at my gym. Its so motivating to have a gang at the gym thats fun and also pushes you to make sure you go to the gym everyday. In fact they were so kind to even stay back at night and help me shoot these pictures at the gym. So make friends at the gym and make sure to push each other everyday to do a little better.

2018-09-12 22:03:37.005-1

I hope you guys liked this post and are motivated to workout and tone up your body. Leaving you with this thought that I hope illuminates the inner power in you. In the words of MultiFit-


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