Eating Healthy Doesn’t Mean Giving Up! TSC GETS SORTED

I had a ton of chocolate and pizza for breakfast and I can proudly yet claim I ate healthy.

Yes, all thanks to Sorted Delicatessen in Pune, I got to explore a whole new world of healthy food. Girish’s journey on health food almost takes you back to pre-farming days where back in the days people used to eat real healthy.  And I am all excited to share this whole experience with u


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Eating healthy can be a lifestyle choice or it can just be a fad. Having a few healthy dishes here and there to be part of the ‘healthy & organic’ trend is one thing but switching to a completely healthy lifestyle and diet is exactly where you can only think of Sorted Delicatessen.

I love experimenting with my food and I absolutely love chocolates, this a known fact. But ever since I started working out I try to be particular about my food intake and also have been trying to keep away from alcohol as much as possible. This all luckily has happened around an age where ‘healthy & organic’ is now becoming a thing! I’ve visited healthy places to eat at in Pune (as seen on my Instagram)! I have even visited many such places on my travels especially my latest one to the States. But trust me when I say I haven’t seen a menu as vast as that at Sorted! They really have you sorted for anything and everything under the roof that you would love to eat and that too HEALTHY!


Sorted Delicatessen has vegan options as well, they position themselves as grain free (no wheat, no rice), gluten free and guilt free.

Things that instantly won my heart at Sorted:

  • The vast menu. They even had a whole separate menu for beverages (smoothies, juice blends, cold pressed juices, cold brews and teas), so you can imagine.
  • Best place for the calorie counters or people on a diet. The nutritional value is mentioned in each and every dish on the food menu and even so for beverages.
  • The modern, rustic, and fuss free ambience.
  • Healthy Heaven inside. The minute you enter Sorted Delicatessen inside, the open kitchen (comparatively silent) and the large counter and refrigerated desserts and a variety of other foods really takes over you. I especially loved the wide variety of their healthy desserts and cookies, available off the counter.

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Ok, I have to admit the people at Sorted are as crazy as me and it really works in my favour 😉 Imagine I had my (forever) pizza craving fulfilled at 9am in the morning & I was even having desserts for breakfast without a shred of guilt!!!!!

FYI their cheesecakes are a great way to start your day, apparently its high on protein and their Nudo pizzas are so yumm, light and low on fat and are served all through the day (7am-10pm). And that’s how, for the first time in my life I managed to have a pizza for breakfast 😀


Customised Nudo Pizza wth Cauliflower base and only vegetables with shreds of parmesan cheese.


Buck Naked Nudo Pizza & Cinnamon Orange Brew


Dark Chocolate Buckwheat Cake

I loved the food at Sorted so much that I went back in two days with my gang for a breakfast and within seven of us we really did try a wide variety of things.

Want to do a Brekky TSC Style at Sorted?

Well, here is a list of things I would ideally order:

  • Starting off with a classic cold brew and an almond pista cookie.
  • Super Seed Parfait (because smoothie bowls can be too heavy to aloow a variety for breakfast).
  • Sorted Traditional Breakfast- for a real mean meaty brekky.
  • Two Egg White Fluffy Omelette or a Chicken Tikka Wrap (for those who love the masala)
  • Primal French Toast
  • And ofcourse topping it all off a Dark Chocolate Buckwheat Cake (this is me for real #nojudging I’m hoping there are some of you out there, who love dark chocolate as much as me).

For all those on a low carb diet the mega variety of Salads at Sorted are a great choice. Other dishes like the air Fried Fish and Chips and a few wraps are as low as 20 carbs per dish.

The Style Chair Sorted Pune Healthy Food

Costal Cobb Salad

The Style Chair Sorted Pune Healthy Food

Breakfast Wrap (carrot wrap)

The Style Chair Sorted Pune Healthy Food

Top- Iron Feast Salad Bottom- Costal Cobb Salad


What’s our biggest enemy when it comes to eating healthy? Our sweet tooth!?

A dessert is a dessert. But what if I told you, you could do a healthy version of your desserts. I mean desserts that taste as equally amazing as the regular desserts (with only natural sweeteners). Or desserts to start your day with, that work as a great source of protein! Obviously now we know your answer!

What really amazed me about the Sorted desserts was that they actually had a great variety of desserts ready, that even a lot of restaurants don’t. I mean healthy desserts!!! The Tiramisu with Almond Biscotti, Orange and Chocolate Mousse (I had this whole thing in literally 30 seconds), Blueberries Cheesecake, Bitter Brownie & the Vegan Dark Chocolate Wrap were comparable to any fine chocolate pastries and like I mentioned earlier, their cheesecake can be had for breakfast or pre-workout (as a great source of protein). The texture, the flavour and ofcourse the fact that their dessrts are rather healthy didnt let me put my spoon down and the glut in me was very obviously out.

The Style Chair Sorted Pune Healthy Food

Left- Diwali Healthy Sweets Right- Sorted Daily Desserts

But that wasn’t it, a whole platter of healthy indian sweets was being finalised, for our upcoming big festival: Diwali so we got to taste a lot of those too. I’m not much of a fan of indian sweets because firstly, they are too rich and secondly, they are too sweet. Somehow Sorted had me covered on both those fronts. So, I couldn’t help but take a bite of all the sweets. I was amazed how a Gulab Jamun made of sweet potato tasted exactly the same as a regular gulab jamun and my other fav was the coconut barfi. They also had the Dates and nuts barfi, Figs barfi, Beetroot barfi, Mysore pak and in fact a lot more that they are planning to add to their Diwali Box.

Psst: Don’t be surprised if you have Girish Monie (the main man behind Sorted) come up to your table and talk about healthy food and familiarize you with the whole ‘Get Sorted’ idea. Be sure to get some great health tips from Girish and if you really are in the mood go ahead and discuss your diet with Girish. He has successfully helped many people not just with weight loss but also with curing diabetes just with his special diet plans.

Here’s a quick list of stuff I would generally recommend as MUST HAVEs at Sorted:

  • Dark Chocolate Buckwheat Cake,
  • ‘Customised’ Nudo Pizzas,
  • Coco Brew (if you like cold brews),
  • Sorted Special Butter Chicken (gravy enriched with 12 vegetables),
  • Cookies,
  • their whole range of flavoured teas &
  • Chicken Avocado in Spinach Wrap (actually any wrap because they are filling yet feel light).

Sorted Delicatessen: Ground Floor, Golden Nest Co-Op Society, Next to Royal Orchid Golden Suites, Kalyani Nagar, Pune. #020-71967353

The Style Chair Sorted Pune Healthy Food

Kale, Potato & Leek Soup (buckwheat bread) & Pesto Bruschetta

The Style Chair Sorted Pune Healthy Food

Falafel wrap in beetroot & Chicken Avocado in spinach wrap

The Style Chair Sorted Pune Healthy Food

Sorted V-12 butter chicken with buckwheat paratha & Pan seared paprika chicken

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