Bathe like no one’s watching| The Forest Hills at Tala STAYCATION Experience

If you are wondering what sort of a title this is!? Then just wait, watch and read because I actually mean it.

It’s been over a month that I visited Forest Hills at Tala but it’s all so fresh in my head. A beautiful, unique and luxurious experience can never escape your mind. That’s especially why I wanted to share this experience with you all, who just like me are forever in search of ‘new experiences’.

A naturesque getaway once in a while is always a good idea; thrown in some luxury, is the best idea.

Before I even begin to tell you all about my experience, for all of you who prefer videos for the real feels. Check out my Forest Hills Vlog here⬇️

Living in Mumbai and Pune two crazy cosmo cities, is ideal for work and that fast paced city life. But ever so often we see ourselves longing for a quick getaway from all the hustle bustle. And boy are we lucky to have some really good options around us. Having lived in Pune for almost 15 years, I’ve done the likes of Lonavala, Wai, Mahabaleshwar & even Matheran. But I hadn’t ventured towards Raigad, so when I got this chance I literally grabbed it.

What lured me to Forest Hills at Tala?

Quite honestly I had heard of this place earlier from some travelers I follow and was so enticed by the whole concept of containers being converted to livable rooms & the fancy interiors done by Krsna Mehta. When I further researched the place on their website, I was absolutely amazed 😀 and after staying there I will say, it most definitely is the Serene Eco Mountain Valley Getaway it claims to be. For their website and proper view of the property click HERE

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Forest Hills Tala The Style Chair

Mud Hut, Forest Hills Tala

How easy was it getting to Forest Hills?

They say good things take time. Well if you are headed out from Mumbai or Pune, keep three and a half hour aside to get to Forest Hills. Don’t worry about the transport though because Forest Hills has their vehicle that can come pick you up.

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Life at Forest Hills at Tala:

If you thought life at Forest Hills would be slow, well I have to say we were yet busy, busy enjoying the little things and investing time in ourselves; busy doing things we usually wouldn’t do in our city life. It’s not just about living in a pretty little naturesque home of your own but it’s about living life like you remember your grandparents spoke off during ‘their times’.

Nature trail to the Kuda Caves. Walking through the forest, getting panoramic views of the lake and eventually exploring the really ancient Kuda Caves was quite a way to start the morning.

After building up a good appetite, having a good breakfast was highly needed and it got even better with fancy pancakes and eggs benedict along with fresh fruits and freshly squeezed juices. Sitting beside the pool really tempted us to just go take a dip.

So we did, we went into the infinity pool and despite the heat we had a great time with some good breeze blowing. The silence around and the view of the valleys was quite something to add to the mood.

Going back to our room had a lovely shower overlooking the fabulous view (from the glass house) & then took a little nap (hey it’s holiday time and naps are a must). After having nicely freshened up we headed back to the poolside for lunch. And we were treated to some nice Thai food. Nothing extravagant but definitely unexpected (since I thought we were away from the city life and won’t get a variety of cuisines). These things are called tiny ‘luxuries’.

Post lunch we were all anxious to explore all of Forest Hills and decided to check out the whole property. It was so amazing to see how literally every room and area was done up absolutely differently. It was a serious win for me since I love all things unique. Another thing that really struck me about Forest Hills was that they catered to all kinds of budgets, the tenting ground is great for even college kids where they provide tents for less than thousand rupees a night including breakfast.

I don’t know how time flew by or just the fact that it’s the winters, it was time for sunset already. In the evening activities like ATV riding and horse riding keep the adventure quotient alive. Me being me I did both. And then of course ran to not miss the beautiful sunset. Loved the little evening tea set up against the sunset. This turned out to be the most understated and best few hours I spent at Forest Hills. Somehow sunsets just end up being really magical for me. Even post the sunset I just sat around on a jute bed (khattiya in hindi/punjabi) played some fine tunes on my phone watched some of my friends do some pottery. Down time is so so so important and I absolutely loved it and sort of lived the scene my dad created for me when I was small where he used to tell me how he would sleep on a ‘khattiya’ on his terrace when he was a child.

The night at Forest Hills as I expected was supposed to be rather relaxed and an early one. But all we needed was a trigger and the crazy hospitality of Forest Hills to burn up the night. And just like that we had a baller time and a really memorable night where all of us bonded together and left our work and worries aside to just enjoy ourselves.

There is no better way to start a day that to get a good massage. Forest Hills definitely turned out to be a place that provides relaxation to your mind body and soul, deal sealed with the full body massage we all got done in their dedicated massage rooms.

Forest Hills Tala The Style Chair1

Glass House, Forest Hills Tala

Forest Hills Tala The Style Chair

Pottery Hut, Forest Hills Tala

Forest Hills Tala The Style Chair

Lower Deck, Glass House

Forest Hills Tala The Style Chair

Sunset Point, Forest Hills Tala

Forest Hills Tala The Style Chair

Infinity Pool, Forest Hills Tala

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Lastly, my personal recommendation if you are in the mood to splurge would definitely be booking the Glass House at Forest Hills for yourself.

I don’t think there is much left to say or see than to go experience the place yourself. Happy Travels to you my lovelies❤️

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