Realistic Winter Fashion| How to PACK for a Winter Holiday

Here’s a REAL winter lookbook post you all can Save & Share with your girl friends packing for a winter holiday (especially if you come from rather moderate climate).

As most of you already know I don’t live in cold weather conditions so this obviously isn’t a everyday winter lookbook kind but nonetheless looks y’all can don (unless wearing a crop top in the winters is totally out for you, which I do have a hack to too! Keep Reading).

Travelling to colder places means suddenly having to come up with a whole set of clothes to bear the cold🧥 While some of you might be lucky enough to do that, I go the ‘try and use as much out of your current wardrobe’ way!!!!

Here are ways to Bear the Cold WITHOUT burning a hole in your pocket:

🔹 First and foremost for me is thermal inner wear. I have very low tolerance to the cold and that’s why I always make sure to wear thermals and that way I can wear my regular clothes too with just the addition of inners.

🔹 Opting for slightly loose-fitting clothes or well stretchable clothing helps to accommodate the thermal inner wear. NOTE: this is why it’s good to buy jackets that aren’t extremely fitting (especially if you tend to travel to colder places rather often), so it allows yourself to wear sweaters inside too.

🔹 Keep the wind out. Ear muffs are an obvious choice but I also love using my berets to keep the wind out of my ears and I have only recently warmed up to wearing beanies (honestly I thought they looked to kiddish).

🔹Given the temperature isn’t very low in Pune for the winters I usually buy light sweaters, which come handy once worn with thermals for low temperatures

🔹 Mufflers and woolen scarves keep the neck warmed up and add a touch of colour or print to your outfit. Comparatively a more inexpensive addition to vamp up a winter outfit.

🔹 Coming to the one y’all are awaiting an explanation to! How did I wear a crop top in 8degrees!? Well I obviously had my jacket to cover me up BUT the real secret was me wearing my thermal inner and rolling it up at the waist. Hey, they say keep the chest covered no one said anything about the stomach.

Here are some of my favourite brands to shop for winter wear (mostly online) that is moderately warm and not to expensive-

Zara for coats, shawls and faux leather jackets.

ONLY for sweaters & shawls.

H&M for sweaters and gloves.

Koovs & Shein for trendy winter wear.

Amazon for thermal inners (I have a previous set from jockey that I bought on Amazon that isnt too thick and soft too).

2 thoughts on “Realistic Winter Fashion| How to PACK for a Winter Holiday

  1. Great style tips for visiting winter climes .
    Especially investing in a loose jacket to accommodate thermal wear. Keep them coming Thestylechair !

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