The Artist

“The only source of Knowledge is Experience” – Albert Einstein

A Decade of experience  in the Beauty Industry and four years into the world of Blogging makes Aleena quite the one stop for everything Beauty & Fashion.

If you meet her you will hear her introduce herself as a Professional Hairstylist, Makeup Artist & Stylist (Creative Director at Sherie’s Salons, Pune). The creative drive in her is what led her in the field of Hair & Makeup and pushed her into expressing her unique sense of style and get into the blog-o-sphere.

Because “Everyday is a Fashion show & the World is my Runway”

Given her love for makeup and her comfort infront of the camera, emerged The Style Chair YouTube Channel. Her love for Travel and Adventure is also very evident on her Instagram and she loves Vlogging especially about her Travels and her travels vlogs are quite loved too for all the fun and wanderlust in the videos.


“What doesn’t Kill you makes you Stronger” &

“Work Hard Party Harder”

She loves all things stylish and pretty, so every other week you will see a post on her Instagram of hip places to visit or eat at in Pune city!

Born Stylista| Indian Fashionista| Misschopchop| Lippie Lover| Adrenaline Junkie| Ethical| Workaholic| Loudest Girl In a Group!| Sugar ‘n’ Spice & Everything Nice|Hardcore Scorpion

“Whatever I do… I do it with my Best & a Cut Above The Rest”

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Be Yourself & Shine On ❤


13 thoughts on “The Artist

  1. Aleena definitely pays credit to the quote : “Everyday is a Fashion show & the World is our Runway”. She is one of my best friends and nobody beats her at fashionista advice. I go to her for everything…hair, makeup, clothes, accessories, oval, squoval nails 😉 and waffles and coffee and gossip!! 🙂
    Love you :*

  2. Aleena is a complete fashionista. Her choice is clothes, accessories and shoes is all perfect. I have always been in awe of her. As hair stylist and make-up artist – well her experience and work speak for themselves. And to top it all she is an amazing person and a great soul. Could I have not written so much and just said “perfect-complete-package”?? I could : ) Lots of love sweetheart…

    • For having taken the effort of writing such beautiful words means the most to me!
      You are one my most favourite people ‘genuine’ people so now you know how few that could be!
      Enough said I love you tons *huggie*

  3. I am going to drop you a mail. I’ll be so excited if you allow me to do a guest post on your awesome blog. Also, will love to meet you someday in pune.😉😉😊😊😋😋

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