Have a stress free Holi with TSC

Wishing all of my readers on this side of the globe a very Happy Holi! This festival of colours is all about fun, dance, madness & friends. Unfortunately Holi isnt like the Tomatina festival in Spain where the tomatoes actually make your skin feel good. These chemical filled artifical colours can really be a pain … Continue reading Have a stress free Holi with TSC

L’oreal Dry Shampoo- Review & Tutorial

Hello Ladies 😀 I’m finally here with a Hair product review & Tutorial (How to Use)! Today I'm reviewing the L'Oréal Techni Art 'Fresh Dust' (Dry Shampoo) I used it the most especially during my travels & found it very handy! L'Oréal Says Revives and refreshes all hair types- Extends the life of your salon blowout. … Continue reading L’oreal Dry Shampoo- Review & Tutorial